The Kicks

Laura sings the really, really, really, high part in SIDEKICKS. It’s ok because all her blonde locks keep the notes from floating outside of her head.

Laura loves babies and cares for many each day in her home. While rocking her charges asleep she often wonders many things like, for instance….what disease did cured ham actually have? Or, how much deeper would the ocean be without sponges.

Laura lives in Poland, OH with her husband, children, two big dogs and lots and lots of fluffy fur – some from the dogs!

Jennifer just loves singing baritone. Of course, there is already one baritone in the quartet so she has been tagged to sing lead.

She spends a lot of time in a tiny little room where she creates all the words and arrangements to the songs in the SIDEKICKS repertoire. In the Pittsburgh area, there is no one quite like her. Fortunately, her husband and children keep watch over her for she has a tendency to roam!!

Donna is a lifelong resident of the Pittsburgh area and is best known for being the inspiration behind the song, “Short People.”

She believes that physical exercise is good for you and practices that belief. Daily, she stretches and jumps and bends and pushes and pulls and that’s just to get into her workout clothes!

Donna sings an awesome baritone part. Well, we THINK it is awesome; no one has ever admitted to listening for the strange notes a baritone sings.

Michelle sings bass in SIDEKICKS and is proud to be named one of the four best voices in the quartet! One distinguishing feature of her part is that she rarely sings anything but ‘dum’, ‘ba-da’bum’, or ‘do-do-do-do’. This works well for her as she doesn’t have to learn any words and gives her much more free time for her real love… arm wrestling.

Michelle is new to the quartet–more about her, soon….

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