Don’t let SIDEKICKS fool you!  Sure, they are four talented women that sing barbershop harmony.  Sure, they all are current members of the Greater Harmony Chorus.  Sure, someday, most of them would like to grow up to be much, much taller.  However, it is clear that they all lead secretive lives!! 

 It has come to the attention of no one that they are all members of the CIA!!!  (Comedy In Action)  Their mission is to eliminate the ‘normal’ and bring smiles to the faces of every person that happens to be captive (some by choice) in an audience somewhere.

 Is that you???  Are you ready for the challenge?  Did you eat your Wheaties today?  (Please note that the eating of Wheaties is not a prerequisite for viewing the SIDEKICKS musical package.)  You do not need to defend yourselves from any bodily harm; just sit back and listen to the harmonies created by these experienced singers.