Sharing the stage with our new bass, Dr. Jean Forti, is just awesome.  Jean joined us last summer, and, wow, has she worked hard to learn our repetoire.  She officially joined us in June, and we performed on July 4 at Ellwood City Festival.  She brings a multitude of creative talent to add to Jennifer’s slightly crazy talents!  Not only is she an amazing, resonant bass, she is also a talented musician playing the saxophone and the ukelele (not sure how to spell that one).  While she won’t be playing the sax at our jobs, she will be using two different stringed instruments for our sing-alongs at various performances.   With my back surgery in January and Jean’s dad’s birthday, we missed our regional harmony weekend.  We were asked to be mic testers for the regional competition May 11, but Jean will be in London.  Sidekicks wants everyone to know we are alive and better than ever.  We are booked through the fall of 2012, but there is always room to add more performances!!