Wonderful Memories Made When You Are in a Quartet

This past weekend, (May 19, 2012), we were thrilled to be singing in Ohio at Woodlands at noon for their annual family banquet. What a wonderful audience and such a lovely place. We took the “kids” with us for Snap,Crackle, Pop and ended up not using them. Bad mother, Jen, forgot them in the dining room!! Laura to the rescue and the kids were saved after a phone call. Best part of the day: being booked for next year on the spot!

Saturday night we were on the Pittsburgh Show (Three Rivers Chorus). We were honored to open the show with the Star Spangled Banner to celebrate Armed Forces Day. We ended the first half of the show, and the audience was amazing. I got to do a little acting as the 5’2″ flapper in the song Five Foot Two. I managed to pull Laura into the act, and Jean said we were “cute.” Not quite ready for Broadway, me thinks!!

The highlight of our day was while we were in the lobby visiting with the audience after the show and a girl came up to us pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair. She said, “My grandma was a Sweet Adeline for years, and she so wants to take a picture with you.” How sweet!!! And she even brought snap shots from her years in SAI all dressed up in her sparkles and sequins. Made me teary-eyed for sure!! We wanted to sing something with her, but she said she couldn’t sing anymore.

We ended a very long day, 9 am to 1 am, singing at the afterglow. Yep, we we were tired, but what a day……….what memories…………